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Air outlet

EXCELAIR air outlets are the latest addition to the extensive product range manufactured by the CMS Group and are designed to exceed expectation of air distribution requirements of commercial and domestic users. EXCELAIR air outlets are manufactured from quality assured aluminum profiles available in finishes of minor polish, satin, statuary bronze anodized and other anodized finishes 
Ceiling Diffusers 
Ceiling diffusers are intended to supply the best possible directional performance. All our products are exceedingly versatile in design. Adjustable pattern models are available for pattern control from vertical projection to horizontal air circulation. Adaptable for both variable air volume and constant air volume systems. Available in wide range of sizes in both square and rectangular shapes. Mainly used to maintain High level of comfort in indoor air flow and higher performance level, they are efficient in handling high air volumes at a comparatively low noise levels to offer even disbursement of air 
Linear Slot Diffusers 
CMS constructs and presents diverse geometrical shaped linear slot diffusers for supply return and exhaust air patterns in HVAC applications. SLSD/RLSD series are the exceptional option for continuous linear application as in peripheral walls of office spaces, ball rooms and auditoriums. The ability to produce a tight air pattern from maximum to minimum flow makes our product an excellent choice for variable volume systems. 
Linear Bar Grilles 
Linear bar grilles are considered as one among the most attractive air distribution devices. They are available for a wide range of applications such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. They are designed to adapt to any kind of premises. They are notable for their high construction quality, low-pressure drop and attenuating design. They are Installed where simplification of airflow and controlling of airflow patterns, in conditioned spaces are necessary thereby ensuring uniform of air. 
Supply & Return Air Grilles 
Door Grilles 
Door grilles are commonly known as Privacy Grilles and are used to allow air movement between multiple treated spaces. They are non-vision door fixed grilles. Door grilles are used in any heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC). It can be used as transfer grilles for walls and partition openings and its architectural finish is eye catching. They are used in dark rooms where light sensitivity is critical. They are applicable where low pressure air with sufficient flow needs to be achieved thus eliminating draughts
Egg Crate Grilles 
They are used as return and exhaust air devices in domestic and industrial applications. The large free area covered by these types of grilles is capable of transferring high air volume at minimum pressure loss and noise level. These are installed in domestic and a commercial area where re circulation / ventilation of conditioned air is priority. 
Round Diffusers 
they are intended for application in air conditioning and ventilation systems in civil as well as industrial zones. Suitable for heating cooling and ventilation systems for wide diffusion effect. Can be installed on false ceiling or exposed duct work. They offer a unique role in diffusing and exhausting air to and from the conditioned space. Suitable for offices, shops or similar premises where adjustable patterned diffusion is essential for cold and warm air distribution. 
Disc Valves 
Disc Valves are aesthetically pleasing air terminal devices which combine best appearance with accurate control over exhaust air volumes. These are widely used as exhaust inlets in washrooms. DVs and powder coated to white color and other colors. 
Louver is a ventilation product that allows air to pass through it, while keeping out unwanted elements such as water, dust and debris. A fixed blade mounted inside the frame allows this function. The basic parameters for selecting louvers are Free Area, Water Penetration and Pressure Loss (Resistance to Airflow). Obstruction is essential in order to keep undesirable water out. A fully obstructed opening allows no water in. While a totally unobstructed opening allows water to enter unimpeded. A perfectly designed louver maximizes the free area. 
Gravity Shutters 
Gravity shutters are commonly employed in intake and exhaust applications in residential, commercial and industrial ventilating system. They are used in maintaining assured pressure in pressure prone dwellings, where the blades automatically open to discharge the excessive air. Gravity shutters are commonly known as pressure relief dampers and non return dampers designed to prevent backflow and to equalize the pressure across the system. 
Sound Attenuators 
They are professionally designed for broadband noise attenuation of fan / impeller noise propagated through all exhausts and supply air systems. Sound attenuators are very sensitive and used in sound absorbing high dB. 
Fire Dampers 
Fire Dampers are fast acting positive against the spread of the fire through the duct work. Specially designed fire damper are efficient, economical and simpler to install than single and multi section blade type fire dampers. In structures projecting high or special life hazard such as hospital educational institution, hotels etc where danger to life is imminent high quality & well engineered product of fire dampers are most valuable.