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Duct Insulation

Insulation products are primarily designed to protect and act as barrier. Insulation is required from many issues like heating, moisture, sound, temperature loss, corrosion, etc. we trade in few well known insulation products mentioned below 
Fiberglass Insulation 
SAIFIAN AIRCON provides premium environmentally friendly glass wool thermal and acoustical insulation products for roofs, walls, floors, A/C ducting and piping as well as acoustical ceiling panels also for industry, pharmaceuticals and clean rooms services. 
Rubber Insulation SUPERLON 
It is a flexible & light weight elastomeric Nitrile foam material designed for thermal insulation. Superlon’s expanded closed cell structure provide an efficient vapor barrier for the prevention of condensation or frost formation on cooling systems, chilled water & refrigeration lines. It also reduces heat loss for hot water plumbing & heating, dual temperature piping & solar systems and it protects pipes against corrosion and acts as a vibration damper. 
Rockwool Insulations 
Rockwool is a mineral fiber insulation material produced from locally available diabase rock with outstanding thermo-acoustic insulation properties. Rockwool products are used in both commercial and industrial establishments as in the insulation of power plants, desalination plants, ships etc. It reduces heat loss for fuel savings, control temperature drop, prevent condensation of outside ducts and pipes, reduce sound levels etc.