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Pre Filter 

Disposable CDPSC
Disposable pleated filters in cardboard frame in nonwoven media with laminated wire mesh reinforcement for freshair applications. 
Polyfiber CPIR 
Industrial Robust Pleated filters with high progressive dense washable polyfiber media for high velocity HVAC/ AHU, coarse particle filter applications. Available in different sizes. 
Poly Flat 
Washable Polyfiber media with mesh supports, best for fan coil units & low pressure drop coil units. Solution for Home applications & Automatic machine units. 
Polyfiber Rolls 
Washable synthetic media for different applications. The Fibers arranged to achieve the desired efficiency as per the standard. Available in rolls and cut pads 
Auto Rolls 
Synthetic & Glass fiber with high progressive dense adhesive coated media with scrim backing for Auto Roll / Roll-o-matic units. Available with & without spool. Can be replaced to all manufacturer units 
Glass Rolls 
High Dense Viscose Glass fiber media for fresh air higher particle filtration applications & HVAC low pressure drop applications. Available in rolls and cut pads 
High Velocity permanent washable filter with Multi layers of fine mesh with pleated & flat form reinforced with expanded metal support. Suitable for oil /Grease / operation machines chip removal. 
Aluminum filters made up of layers of Aluminum media, washable type available in different ply assembled in metal frame. Suitable for higher coarse particle filtration. 
Filters with cardboard frame with less pressure drop, best suitable for FCU/PU/AHU applications. Pad & Frame are available for continuous and regular application.