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Medium / Fine Filter 

Ultra Pac 
Ultra Pac synthetic melt blown media bag filter having high dust holding capacity with less pressure drop. Soft edged frame with J-channel construction to maintain uniform airflow ensures the efficiency leakage less construction. 
Poly Pac 
Aerodynamic design construction bag filters for high dust holding capacity usage, suitable for industrial applications, washable type multi layered progressive density fiber arrangement. Available in Plastic / Metal Frames 
Pac filters with glass fiber multi-layer media offers high dust holding capacity for High degrees of High cleanliness filters suitable for static flow Conditioned areas, Industries, Chip Manufacturing, Computer & Optical fiber rooms air flow. 
Vcell FG
Next Generation Mini pleat compact filters in micro glass fiber media, high surface area, high dust holding capacity, low pressure drop, increase filter life & ensured filtration performance with plastic ABS frame, best for green building concept and variable volume areas. 
C Cell 
Minipleated Micro Glass fiber / Synthetic media filters for High degree clean applications, Capable of High volume in compact design, ensuring the performance in less depth for multiple sizes & Applications 
V Cell 
Next Generation Mini pleat compact filters in Synthetic media, High Surface area, High Dust holding capacity, Low pressure Drop, Increase filter life & ensured filtration Performance with Plastic ABS frame, best for Green building concept and Variable volume areas. 
Medium / high efficiency, high progressive dense media for disposable pleated filters, Low pressure drop, available in standard & high capacities, suitable for various applications, with & without reinforcement of GI expanded Mesh. 
Rigid Filters 
Synthetic or glass fiber media laminated with metal mesh, pleats are separated with Pleat separators for uniform airflow. Suitable for HVAC machine systems, filter banks. 
Deep pleated micro glass fiber media with corrugated aluminium separator style medium & high Efficiency particulate rigid filters for uniform flow, suitable for Machines, Industries & Hotels.