Saifian Aircon

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Carbon Filter 

SAIFIAN AIRCON carbon filter impregnated with activated carbon in High Dense media for Pre odor removal general applications in pleated & panel forms. Reinforced with Mesh. 
SAIFIAN AIRCON Carbon filter with Micro granulate Activated carbon granules embedded with dual layer media. Closely minipleated & enclosed in V type ABS Frame suitable for Odor Removal. 
SAIFIAN AIRCON CACU filters in V-type construction assembled in refillable trays with Activated Carbon / Activated Alumina & Potassium Permanganate blend. Designed for different airflow & dwell time calculations. 
Refillable & disposable Carbon trays with Activated Carbon / Activated Alumina & Potassium Permanganate blend for different odor removal applications. The size as per the airflow & dwell time. 
Andrea Paper 
Pleated Cardboard filters for paint collection at paint booths. Suitable for wet & powder coating booths. 
Mini Mesh 
Minimesh High Capacity expanded paper rolls for spray paint collection for Paint booth application. Available in Rolls & cut pads. Can be assembled in Metal frames & supply. 
Paint Glass 
High Viscose with oil, High dense with backing for Paint collection in paint booths. Available in different thickness rolls & different cut size pads for replacement too. 
Diffusion Rolls
High dense paint booth diffusion media rolls with scrim back fine grade media for freshair supply for the spray paint applications. Available in cut rolls & cut pads.