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Gas Turbine Filters 

GT Cell 
Excelair GT air intake filters box type deep pleat filters with dual layer micro glass fiber media with metal mesh at both the sides. Having high dust holding capacity & high burst strength. Available in all sizes 
Turbo Pulse Filters 
Designed for GT / Rotary machinery Intake fine filters, Self-Clean, High dust load capacity with stable in extreme conditions. Available in cylindrical & conical types. Can be used as Pre & Fine filter. Different grade water repellent media in cellulose, blended & poly media. 
Gas Turbine Glass fiber media with high viscose oil for FreshAir Intake systems. Having high dense & special oil for adhesive trapping. Available in different size & replacement cut pads. 
GT Glass 
GT Glass Fiber media rolls for GT Freshair intake purpose, coleascer media. Available in three different depths. Can be supplied in Roll form & Pads.